Small Business Social Media Academy

12 Week Program Designed for You

  • Each Week you will receive access to a video learning module with our insider tips, tricks and recommendations. These videos are easy to follow, how-to style formats designed to set you up for success.

  • The 12 weekly learning modules will take you from beginner to pro over the three month program.

  • You will have weekly assignments and deadlines to advance your company's Social Media. 

  • You will be held accountable to follow through with your assignments + postings! We will follow up with you throughout the program and field any questions/ concerns as they arise.


Take Control

You created your business out of passion and drive. Now, the power to grow through Social Media is in your hands. In this program we teach you everything you need to DIY your Social Media to grow our audience, raise awareness and drive sales.

Learn the Basics + Then Some

This program includes weekly modules that take you from the basics of photography, caption writing and scheduling to advanced strategies including winning ad campaigns. We're giving you all the tools you need to succeed!

Be Held Accountable

We're not taking any excuses here. You will be held 100% accountable for posting on your Social Media. We will be checking in with you weekly to ensure your success.

Priority Inbox Access

Your success is our priority. Have a question? We are here for you with email and text message access. We guarantee to reply within 6 hours... and if you know the Dolls, then you know it will be even sooner.

Ready to UNF*CK your Social Media?


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